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What precisely is prehistoric art? Some believe that prehistoric art is any art which does not show the human form remotely similar to what actually exists. That is, there is no definate nose, mouth, eyes, or other complex facial features. Some compare prehistoric art to the art of younger children playing with crayons and in some ways this belief is not entirely dissimilar to the actual truth.
Others believe prehistoric art to be merely that art which was created before the first civilizations. Artwork which is scattered across the Earth and essentially lacks any real form.

Correctly, however, prehistoric art is artwork created by a primitive people. Primitive people exist even today in remote section of Guinea, so a definition relating to a date cannot be used to define prehistoric art. Likewise, prehistoric art did not end with Egypt. It continued in other parts of the world as you shall see.

Bison - Altamira

Black stag - Lascaux

Ceiling - Lascaux

Horse - Vallon Pont d`Arc , France.

Chinese horse - Lascaux

Hands - Cosquer

Pingouins - Cosquer

Dead man - Lascaux

Great black bull - Lascaux

Falling cow - Lascaux

Great deer - Cosquer

Hemione panel - Lascaux

Chariot - rock paintings,Tassili

Dancers - Tassili

Horse - Lascaux

Invaders - Tassili

Hunting - Tassili

Ibexes - Lescaux

War - Tassili

Warriors - Tassili

Potier - Hirsova

Warriors - Tassili

The Great God - Tassili

Hand - Vallon Pont d`Arc, France

Red bison - Lascaux

Red cow - Lascaux

Red horse - Lascaux

Venus of Willendorf

Venus of Dolni Vestonice

Venus of Lespugue